Friday, January 29, 2010

Double Life

If there's any way to lead a "double life", this is the way to do it. I'm spending my days writing and challenging people to baking contests at Blood-Horse, and my nights in the foaling barn at Lane's End. What could be better? (Perhaps also spending my days in the foaling barn? That time will come).

We were called out to the foaling barn twice on Tuesday night, once for a false alarm, and the second time to deliver a Bernardini filly out of the maiden Kingmambo mare Diverse. I was allowed to do a lot of the work, which was an excellent opportunity to learn the Lane's End way of doing things. Now I have foaling fever; I'm back in the mindset of wanting to be the first one there for every single one, but with 129 still to go, I have a feeling that might catch up with me!

I've decided to cancel my trip to Aiken for this weekend, on account of some bad weather that is supposed to be moving through the area. In other news from the Blood-Horse office, the highly acclaimed Choc-O-Ron cookies (courtesy of Blood-Horse online editor Ron Mitchell) have come under bold attack from Kelsey's unbranded chocolate chip cookies. This unexpected move has shaken up the editorial department as they challenge the two competitors to decide who has the better product (that or they just want the food). A verdict will be decided and reported on at a later date.

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