Monday, January 11, 2010

Desk Work

Today I began my first ever desk job. That's right, out of the barn and into the office. What happened to Kelsey, you say? Don't run away screaming just yet. I should mention that the office is The Blood-Horse, Thoroughbred racing's most popular and respected magazine. It is crawling with racing enthusiasts, memorabilia and fact books. The only things missing are the hay, oats and horses.

The number of people I have met over the past week almost cannot be counted, and that ghost figure increase by at least 30 today. The day started off with an 8:30 a.m. editorial meeting, which I was fortunate to sit in on. After touring the areas of the building I left untouched last week, I sat down to familiarize myself with the Blood-Horse content management system. Throughout the day I was able to rewrite three press releases and see them posted to the website, which was rather exciting. Here they are:
Did I mention that I have my own cubicle, Blood-Horse e-mail address and phone extension? Who would have thought!

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