Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Job Jumping

I learned today that I've been taken off night watch with some scheduling changes at Lane's End, but this may work out for the better. I may get to assist Farm Manager Mike Cline with booking mares, and also spending some time in the broodmare barns on Saturdays as well as be on call for foaling. With all of this on the table, I'll probably get as much experience as my young brain can handle!

Could I be loving The Blood-Horse any more? Well, maybe, with the new stories I have coming up. You'll have to wait until they come out to see, but I'm pretty excited about some features I now have on the table, and I'm enjoying doing some work for the website as well as the Eclipse Awards.

The weather warmed up here considerably today. I'd say it was like a typical late March/early April day in Canada. Just lovely.

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