Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

I would just like to say that despite the blame I received today, the snowfall in Kentucky is not my fault! While I found humour in everyone stocking their shelves yesterday, I must admit a fair amount of snow fell today. Despite this, I spent the majority of the day out exploring.

This morning I toured The Blood-Horse with Editorial Director Eric Mitchell, who is also my supervisor for my internship. I enjoyed checking out the building. I got to meet many of the writers, editors and researchers, as well as the video production guys. Everyone was super nice, and I look forward to working with them. I will even have my own little cubicle!

After my Blood-Horse tour I dropped in on the Lane's End foaling barn again, just to try and sort out the ropes before my first shift tomorrow night. It will be a long one, 4 p.m. - 6 a.m., but I'll have many beautifully bred mares to occupy that time. I'm still a little intimidated about starting at a new place with a new routine after being at Schonberg for four years, but at least my first shifts here look like they will be quiet.

I finally stopped by the stallion complex for a little quality time with my number one man, Wando. His friendly greetings and slobbery kisses made me feel like I'm all the way back home, which was a nice feeling during a time when I'm still largely unfamiliar with everything. Although he wore a blanket, he appears to be very fluffy and pudgy, which is a good look for him. His daddy, Langfuhr, wouldn't give me a moment's glance, but Curlin, War Pass, Mineshaft, City Zip, and Aragorn in particular were also very friendly.

Plans for tonight include going into downtown Versailles to check out the inside of my future house, which renos seem to be delayed on again. Below are a few pictures to describe the day (why did I write all of the above, then?)

A.P. Indy snacking

Curlin sporting the look of champions (or more particularly, two Horse of the Year crowns).

Editorial Intern!


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