Monday, January 25, 2010

Only in America

While the Kentucky skies have finally let loose with a more seasonal snowfall, Saturday was a beautiful day to be out with the horses. This week saw three new arrivals at Lane's End, all happy, healthy colts. I was lucky enough to attend the birth of an After Market colt on Friday night. I've found that this experience, and everything I have partaken in so far at Lane's End, have been excellent learning experiences, but have also reaffirmed everything I learned in Canada. I am more than confident that I'm smart enough and experienced enough to be here and make an active contribution, which is a wonderful feeling.

I woke up Sunday morning (my day off) to pouring rain, so I went for a visit to the Lane's End stallion barn to get a dose of sunshine from Wando, which would have been enough to keep me going all winter long. I cannot get enough of him, and still feel like a child every time I see him. It's such a wonderful feeling.

While I would have opted for better weather on my day off, I was forced to actually stay in and relax, which was probably a good thing in light of the busy week I just entered. I will be traveling to Aiken, South Carolina on Thursday to do some work on a story and of course to visit friend. I'm very much looking forward to this mini trip.

Week three of my internship just started. This adventure is passing much too quickly, but there are too many exciting things that still lie ahead to be sad about that.

Also, I saw the Statue of Liberty walking down Versailles Road today. Only in America.

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