Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Weather Warning

In anticipation of the crippling winter storm that was to hit Kentucky and many surrounding states on Friday night, I looked outside Saturday morning to find Berry Ave blanketed in snow, and it was still coming hard. As it turns out, the snow was not so much the problem as was the lack of resources to deal with it. Few streets and roads are salted or plowed, and snow brushes and snow shovels are rare personal commodities (I carry both in my car!). The foul weather cleared up late morning, however, and it became a beautiful day to be on the farm. We now have nine foals on the ground here, and there is a long waiting list for mares to get into the foaling barn.

On Sunday I finally got the chance (and the luck of a beautiful day) to walk through downtown Versailles. Most businesses in the small towns here are closed, or open limited hours, on Sundays, so I resorted to window shopping, which I'm sure my intern budget will thank me for later. Here are some photos from my walk:

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