Friday, March 5, 2010

Want to Hear a Story?

While I would like to be going to bed right now (please don't notice that it's 9:00 on a Friday evening), my computer is taking eons to upload a video. But on the bright side, its allowed me some time to share a couple of stories. Not musings or reminiscences...real stories, that I wrote today:

Sea The Stars, 2009 Cartier horse of the year, has the first five mares of his stellar first book scanned in foal. These include the dams of Zarkava and George Washington. Zarkava herself is scheduled to visit Sea The Stars later this year.

See The Story on Sea The Stars

My colleague and friend Esther Marr was kind enough to let me post some of my foaling experiences on her blog "Beyond The Blinkers" as a guest blog. The response has been greater than I could have imagined. Today, the blog was even picked up by the Kentucky Horse Council, which posted it to their website.

Original blog on "Beyond The Blinkers".

KHC Website.

Thanks again for reading everyone. It's hard to believe I have just two weeks left at The Blood-Horse. Well three, if you include Derby week. And you really should include Derby week!

And also, I just made the great discovery today that I was able to dumb down my security preferences to allow anyone to comment on my blog. The deed has been done. Feel free to comment away!

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  1. I will be the first. Go Mom!!! I love reading everything you write. I read something the other day and although you didn't write it I thought of you. It goes like this: "When I was a kid and I first put my hands on a horse, they touched my soul. They've been a part of me way down deep to my core. And I believe I was born with this love. And just one lifetime won't be enough."
    I think these are the lyrics of a song. I believe this is you.