Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back Again!

Since Turf Beat has been badly neglected over the past few weeks, I'm coming back tonight with lots of new info and photos!

Yesterday marked the end of a hectic week on call for foaling at Lane's End. Altogether we were pretty lucky though; 10 foals born on our watch, and all of them except two before midnight (excluding the one born at 6:30 am, a very reasonable time). Living about a 15 minute drive from the foaling barn we had a bit of trouble getting there on time for some of them. So on Saturday I made a pact with one of the mares, who graciously broke water while I was alone at the stall, allowing me to be in the stall first. Thanks girl.

In the past two weeks I have had two features come out in The Blood-Horse; the first one on the Simeone's, and this week on sires relocating to Canada. Apparently the latter story, largely featuring Adena Springs, motivated that farm to purchase 560 extra copies to use for advertising in Canada. That's a pretty big boost! Look for my feature on Aiken next week. Of all the features I wrote during my internship, I'm most proud of that one.

This week marks week eight of 10 of my internship. It's so hard to believe that after all the hard work to get here, it's almost over. I recall learning about the internship program being I was even accepted to GH, and imagining what it would be like to intern at The Blood-Horse. I started seriously pursuing it in second year by sending in story ideas and freelancing, and I distinctly remember receiving the e-mail last August inviting me to come to Kentucky. In just three weeks the internship will be over, and another two weeks later I will hand in my thesis, and my university career will be effectively over.

Well that's enough reminiscing for now; there's too much to look forward to in the future to stay stuck in the past. Since I left you all hanging for so long, I will now let the cat out of the bag: I'm currently working on arrangements to stay in Kentucky through the spring and summer, working at Lane's End. I've found a real great niche here and learned so much already, I can't imagine wrapping this trip up after just 10 weeks. It will be a very long time away from my family and extended family in Canada, but I've met some very wonderful people here and I know I'll get through just fine.

While it has been a bit tiring working seven days a week, I'm very glad to be spending time in the office at Lane's End on Sundays. This is a side of the industry I have yet to experience, and should contribute to creating well rounded management material!

Ok, without further ado, here are some photos from the last couple of weeks. My March resolution: to keep you all a little better updated through this month.

Flaming food at the Japanese restaurant we went to

She's not pawing her baby. She's just petting him.

White babe!

Another white babe!

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  1. Kelsey, I didn't know you had a blog, but I like it:) We're happy you're staying!