Monday, November 2, 2009

Bird Watching

The following is a link to the Live Cam on Mine That Bird at Santa Anita Park:

I discovered this yesterday, and I'm absolutely fascinated by it. Even just watching the Bird eat or hang his head over the door is so amusing. This is the type of thing the sport needs to do way more often: racetrack backstretches (and racetracks in general, really) are very closed off from the public. For obvious safety reasons, horse racing cannot allow all the inside access that other sports can. But this gives fans access right into the stalls, and they can monitor the athletes 24/7. Also, and perhaps more importantly, it adds credibility. If this view of the horse is being streamed to the world 24/7, it dispels the notion that anything dishonest could be being done with the horse.

Huge kudos to the connections of Mine That Bird for sharing this with us.

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