Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camera Shy

I've been trying to gather the courage for a few months now to start video blogging (vlogging?). My source of inspiration is Rick Mercer, a Canadian television personality who enjoys reporting on trends and politics in this country. His show each week features a rant, such as the following:


Can I pull it off? Do you see a "Riley Report" in my future?


  1. A lady rick mercer.Go for it.

  2. I would never dream of having a half hour show, but a weekly 1-2 minute rant (negative or positive) on trends in the Thoroughbred industry would be perfection for me. I love being on camera (contrary to the title of this blog post), and enjoy video production. Voila!

  3. And I should add that if I could have half of Rick's talent, I would be golden!